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  • Missing / Incomplete Flight Data

    Hi, all.

    I'm a FR24 feeder, and a colleague of mine is a GA pilot, recently IFR-certified. For some time we've been trying to figure out a pattern for when his flight data appears in FR24, and we can't reconcile when/why.

    For example, his origin and destination are frequently empty or wrong, even when he files flight plans (IFR, and previously, VFR with following). And there are gaps in coverage when he's on FAA radar mid-flight. Here's an example:

    There have been other examples where he was practicing approaches and only part of his track was captured, even when he would have easily been within range of my receiver.

    It seems like FR24 is missing / excluding data elements and/or data sources. Is this a known behavior, or something to investigate further (say, by taking a raw dump file vs. what gets reported on the site)?