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Flightradar24 UWP version request.

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  • Flightradar24 UWP version request.

    Hello there.

    Now that flightradar24 has gone away from Windows Store (that I paid also mind to add), I truly wish that this mandatory and great system would be ported to UniversalWindowsPlatform format.

    iOS bridge tools are easy to use and the effort is miniscule for 1st version..

    There are A LOT of windows 10 devices in the world, PC/tablets/Mobile/Xbox at least so there are more than 500 million possible paying customers...

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    The reason why the Windows Phone version was removed from Windows Store is that we can't maintain full support for the Windows Phone app. The sales and usage numbers are so low that we can't maintain the app any more. And if we can't support the app it feels wrong to sell it.

    We are sorry but at this moment there are no plans to port the iOS app to Windows Phone as it is not just a question of porting the app, but also maintaining and supporting it. Instead we will be improving our mobile web page to give mobile users a much better experience.


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      this is very disappointing, having purchased the app and additionally all the bolt-ons. As a regular user of this app on Windows mobile, and desktop browser. I am now unable to use any settings or filters in the mobile app due to crashes. Presumably caused due to incompatibility with phone updates. The mobile web experience is clunky in comparison and features are locked i.e. filters. I assume there will be no re-imbursement for prior purchases on W.P. app and users will be expected to purchase these again to unlock the same features they have already paid for.
      In response to the o.p. agreed a true UWP app would not be limited to simply mobiles but any W10 PC user.