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Handover time between radars and MLAT info about flight

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  • Handover time between radars and MLAT info about flight


    First of all, just to say I think your feeding software is great and very entertaining, especially with the Raspberry Pi 3.

    I guess this has been discussed before but I can't find it in the forum. I've been watching several things with the live map and the tracking software at the same time for a while and for example, if my station is tracking a plane, I can see the update rate is very fast in the live map, very nice and impressive.

    I just have some technical doubts... if a station that's very far away from me and my nearby airport is tracking a plane that I'm also tracking at the same time, when the plane starts descending, the farthest station looses track but I don't. What is the handover time to put it a term, between tracking stations? Because the plane in the live map simply stops or keeps moving without leaving a track for some minutes and suddenly jumps to its new position, using my station or any other near me who's also tracking it...

    And in order to determine this "handover", what unique values do you use, Mode-S Code, Squawk, Callsign or all of them just to be sure???

    And about these unique values, I get to another question about MLAT. I saw a flight being tracked with MLAT, which I was also tracking. In the live map it had no callsign, but in my software I could see the callsign but of course, no Lat/Long position. I followed this flight for more than 15 minutes and the live map never showed the callsign for the flight. Is there any specific reason?

    Best regards...