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Aircraft on 3D view at wrong height

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  • Aircraft on 3D view at wrong height


    I've a questions about aircraft plotting with the wrong heights.

    I understand and QNH & QFE and I understand the difference with Altitude & Height. I also know that the UK is divided into 20 Altimiter setting zones as per NATS ENR 6-1-7-1.

    I was following an aircraft in 3D view into my local airport of Aberdeen this morning, STK42BZ from Dublin to Aberdeen and the plane on FR24 hit the ground long
    before the actual plane landed. From what I observed, the height of the a/c above the ground in the 3D simulation was about 400ft to low.

    Is there a way to use Altitude (AMSL) and not Height to plot the planes on the map. Our current QNH is 1031 giving a Density Alt of -433. The elevation of EGPD
    is 213ft (AMSL).

    Taking this into account, if the plane was plotted at a height (+433) then the a/c would have touched down on the 3D simulation at the same spot as the actual plane did.

    Can a calculation of QNH be taken into account and the height of the simulation be adjusted accordingly?

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    Hello Angelus1971,

    Using GPS altitude for aircrafts in 3D view is our list of upcoming features. Thanks!


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      Well, you have a big problem somewhere as ALL the aircraft on the 3D map are at the wrong height. - When in final approach, they always "land" before the runway, this wouldn't happen if the height was adjusted. Now if the GPS height is the "higher" of the 2, then the a/c would land properly. This is just not happening at the moment!