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Error when adding a second feed to my account =(

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  • Error when adding a second feed to my account =(

    hi, im trying to add a 2nd feed to my account in a different city, and i get an error

    Using latitude: 27.4xxx, longitude: -99.5xxx, altitude: 420ft above sea level

    Validating email/location information...ERROR

    There has been another feed (MMIO1) registered under this email address!
    If you have more than one receiver please contact us at

    If you have lost your sharing key please use the retrieval form at:

    as i know, the sharing key is per feeder, if i use the same key, then my actual feed info will change to the new one.

    i have emailed support but no answer.

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    You can't add a second feed under the same email address on your own. FR24 would have to create that second key for you. If you have sent the coordinates you will receive the new key soon.


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      Hey Khan, i opened a ticket and i have just send them.

      i think key was generated automatically for each location, but if i want to add a 3rd then i need to open a ticket and request a new key right?


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        Yes, that is correct. Also, note that you can't have more than two feeds feeding from the same IP. If you have three then one of them will be kicked out at random, only data from two would be accepted.


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          I agree with that, but this ones are in different City.

          good to know, thank you


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            Then there is no need to worry.

            You're welcome.


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              @dedicados. Did you get that sharing key?