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Receiver Offline and Cannot access Interface Page

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  • Receiver Offline and Cannot access Interface Page

    Hi everyone , i have just changed my Normal Internet to Fibre Optical
    Network.A new Modem Router has been assigned to me and now when i
    connected the FR24 box to my LAN HUB switch , i cannot find its IP,
    even with an IP scanner and nor can i access the interface page. I need someone which can help me resolve this through
    TeamViewer . And , Receiver appears OFFLINE on my STATS Page .

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    Contact Fr support via email per the documentation..

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      Thanks for that but i got no reply from them yet .


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        First of all I'm guessing your new modem+router you've received from your ISP? (Internet Service Provider)

        Please try to access the interface of your router. I've you never done this before with this new one, try to look for a sticker at the back or bottom with the default IP and username/password. Once logged in to your new router, try to find a page that lists all connected devices. Here you should find your feeder device.

        It could also be the case that your feeder devices is stuck with old DHCP settings. Try to power down your feeder device for a more then 24 hours. Then reconnected, and it should ask for new DHCP settings from your (new) router.

        Greetings, and good luck!


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          Hi Buddy , thanks for taking your time to provide me with a response . Glad to tell you that everything has been settled . In fact , i just needed to re-install the FR24 BOX Firmware .And Yes , all my Feeder devices was stuck with old DHCP settings. Restarting them fixed it but the FR24 box was a special case . Anyway , thanks again for the help . Have a nice weekend.