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MSR804 Last FR24 ADS-B feeder F-LGRP2

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  • MSR804 Last FR24 ADS-B feeder F-LGRP2

    Has FlightRadar24 investigated this receiver for additional data about the tragic demise of Egypt Air 804?
    F-LGRP2 shows up on the playback as the last valid contact.

    Pardon me if it's been asked before.
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    Accumulated CSV data on the bottom of the page is server side reports from all receivers, they don't need to pick a particular radar
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      Thanks for that link, Oblivian but I thought that specific receivers logged higher resolution data than was actually uploaded to the servers. I know that my receiver has much better resolution than is displayed on the FR24's Webpage interface.

      Is it possible that the specific F- FR24 receiver could still hold higher resolution data? Probably not but just asking.


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        The log is likely on 24hr to give them a little more to look back on or they would fill up. But yes, they do an interrogation once they find the last uploaded sources to generate the accuracy you see there. But the system knows the last uploaders. The web indication is randomised. Another 7 could have been sending more data in the background.

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          Thanks for the follow up. F-LGRP2 showed up for a significant amount of time as the radar source and has a rank of around 800. The measured range from LGRP airport to the last known contact with MSR804 was about 260 miles which is on the edge of reception. Likely FR24 already checked that out for useful data when it happened.


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            I don't think it's 24 hours on the box.

            The FR24 team said this in the ABC interview in May,2016.

            "Everything is saved in the box, so if something happens we can go back and download the data," he said. "A receiver can only have five to ten hours of data before it is running out of memory so it's overwriting and we have to act quite fast when something happens to go back and get the data."

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              That brings up another question I have. I don't think my RPi has a path to a logfile location. That part of the FR24 feed install is a little confusing. If it's fixed I will probably need a higher capacity SD card as it's only 8GB right now. Anyone know how to fix the problem in the image attached?