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RPi, fr24, get Malcolm Robb's dump1090 basic terminal display back. Help please.

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  • RPi, fr24, get Malcolm Robb's dump1090 basic terminal display back. Help please.

    Old (in IT terms) Pi Model B with DVB-T stick.

    I have been running Malcolm Robb's dump1090 with output to a cheap 7" tablet. Just the terminal display - Hex, Flight, Alt etc. That's what I want to be able to see as I live in a tactical training area and the military don't transmit enough data to get plotted.

    I'm now feeding FR24 and although I can see the output with the map on the html page on port 8080 I no longer have the basic terminal info displayed on the tablet via VNC. The screen is so small the ICAO numbers etc are just too tiny to read on the html page.

    So how can I get the fr24 instance of dump1090 to display in the terminal as the stand alone version did?

    Any assistance much appreciated. Thanks.

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    --interactive is what does this. It changes the mode it outputs and can't be used with the feed software simultaneously. You would need to run 2 copies on different devices, using the output from 1 for the different display on each. Less than ideal method

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      Thank you Oblivian. That answers my question perfectly and all is clear. And because it made me think laterally I realised all I had to do was zoom the 8080 web page on the tablet so that only the data was visible and so legible without a magnifier. Duh! I was running slow - late at night here - but all is well now. Thanks again.