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  • new RPI setup

    I recently set up a Raspberry Pi with a stick and it worked for a while before Dump1090 seemed to keep crashing.

    I have tried a second setup on a new pi, new stick, but still have the same problem.

    The web status page gets flaky, then stops and Dump1090 stops around the same time.

    Any ideas??

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    If you are not feeding it external power. Get one. The sticks are hard on USB power and will drop off causing d1090 to crash

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      That makes sense, I'll try it and see.


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        Fed the dongle via a powered USB port, and beefed up the power supply to the pi and all good now, receiving signals from 200+ NM consistently now.

        Thank you and best regards,


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          Its interesting that everyone says that you have to run the dongles off a powered USB hub.

          I've got two Pi's quite happily running with the dongles plugged straight into them and they haven't missed a beat. I do have good quality 5v 2A supplies feeding the Pis and I believe that is the answer - it would appear that the majority of Pi/dongle issues is when people are feeding them off a poor quality supply or one with not enough current capability. A standalone Pi will quite happily boot and run off a 1A supply, just don't plug anything into the USB ports.


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            Hello rodeo

            Yes, once I beefed up the supplies, everything came right.
            When I had problems, I searched the forum and struggled to find an answer. Once I knew the answer, then I found lots of references. Always the way.
            Perhaps a comment in the list of components should include a 2A supply. The supply that came with my pi, was a 1 amp rated unit.
            Thank you and best regards,


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              No worries.

              That seems to be the common issue - most Pi's would appear to be shipped with only 1A supplies as you mentioned; the place I bought mine off here in Australia ship them with 2A supplies.




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                I have found som interesting facts about RaPi
                1: On this site is how much current it use
                2: The total USB power output for all USB ports on a RaPi is 600 mA (and not as the USB standard says >500 mA on each port)
                RaPi B+ and 2B the total output current could be changed to 1.2 A by adding max_usb_current=1 in config.txt

                To do this run:
                sudo nano /boot/config.txt
                go to the bottom and add max_usb_current=1
                save and reboot

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                  The poor power on the USB ports is one of the drawbacks of the raspberry. I had to learn that the hard way, too. Using a BT dongle for a remote control project the raspi kept crashing until I fed the dongle via a powered hub. That's why I recommend this setup for the DVB-T stick as well. Running for a week without any issues and counting...