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New feeding software - failure to recognise SBS3 IP address. OK I GIVE UP.

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  • New feeding software - failure to recognise SBS3 IP address. OK I GIVE UP.

    Well, still no-one has bothered to reply to my query.
    No doubt you have so many feeders that new ones are not important.

    So I guess I will go elsewhere with my data. Somewhere where the support forums are more helpful.

    Thanks for all the fish

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    There aren't many SBS users about. Or they come, get their answers and leave without helping others.

    That is no reason to get shirty and make 3 posts about your disgust of people not checking in in time to assist you who have.

    And if you check, there was someone in the last 2 days say they got it going fine via USB. Indicating they are an SBS user who may know.

    I've done my best to point it out in a long winded help thread, but without owning one noone has still reported back its accuracy.
    Including all the ports the devices and associated software use

    However as pointed out the forums are only a secondary support medium. Where you MAY get information from either someone from FR24 or other users like myself. The first port if not getting joy from other users, should be the support desk
    Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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      Mine is USB connected so I cant help on the network connection sorry