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Continued MLAT leaks despite emails.

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  • Continued MLAT leaks despite emails.

    Just to follow up on the local egregious MLAT leakers in my area. Despite attempts to contact these users through FR24 to update their software, they continue to leak MLAT data to FR24 under the guise of a T-feeder. They are:
    1. T-KSJC18
    2. T-KSFO1
    3. T-KOAR3.

    There is no doubt in my mind that they are doing this intentionally and are ignoring multiple requests by FR24 to cease this fraudulent activity.

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    Sam26K, three replies came to mind when I read your post.

    The short one was: Really!?!

    The medium length one was: Please email support. Continuously blowing it out of proportion and bitching about on here will just increase everyone's blood pressure.

    The longer one I'm not going to bother typing.

    Chill; count to ten and email support. Please.


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      elijay, I did email FR24 support (twice) and they followed up with emails to all the offending feeders. One of them stopped doing it, but the 3 above continue to leak MLAT.
      This post is just to document and a follow up to that effort to stop the MLAT leaks that are ongoing to this day.


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        If it's still happening a few weeks from now, I will email FR24 support again. I just don't want to become known as some kind of nag emailing them over and over again about the same feeders.