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Restart failure

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  • Restart failure

    fr24feed application is permanently running on my computer but after the sleep mode the application tries to restart, at that it does not shut down the active session and thus cannot start a new one. The following error message appears: "There is already a fr24feed running, please terminate it first". The print screen is enclosed.
    OS Windows 7sp1 x64

    who knows what is the reason and how to solve it?
    error FR24.jpg

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    Turn off sleep?

    Its an issue that has not been able to be fixed for some time as there are 3 things happening when closing. And in some setups 1 of them does not auto close.

    But if you are sleeping your PC there is no way around it other than shut down instead.
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      Shut down won't work in my case because the computer is located far from my working place (in another room) and I use wireless keyboard and mouse which turn on computer from the sleep mode.
      There is no problem when I terminate the application and then start it again. The trouble happens when I do "restart software" or when it is restarted automatically after the sleep mode.
      Is there some way to disable restart option after the sleep mode?


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        It shouldn't be closing down unless the Pc is configured wrong. There are multiple power settings. Sleep, traditionally spins down the HDD, and monitor when not in use. As the app constantly writes data this should prevent spindown. Hibernate however, takes a snapshot of ram and saves to disk. When resuming many apps do not recover well.

        It depends on your needs to what settings should be tweaked. But if there is a need to force the PC into a power saving mode that does not access the drive/software I don't see a way around it.

        However if you just want to use the KB and blank a screen, you enable that option only rather than powersave after x time

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        Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers