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    How accurate are the feed stats?

    Ive recently found thes and its given me a passion to build a better setup but i look at the number 1 radar which has the following figures:

    Rank: 1
    Radar: T-KNIP9
    Username: Anonymous
    Country: United States
    Overall score: 14,224
    Uptime: 1,103
    Max range: 115
    Avg range: 40

    My data:
    Overall score: 8,249
    Uptime: 631
    Max range: 105
    Avg range: 63

    Bearing in mind that this is for a single radar in 30 days there are only a maximum 720 hours and the guy at the top is getting 1103 hours in 30 days. My max range is reading 105 but if i look at data on virtual radar i am seeing aircraft over 200 miles away.

    Is there an explanation for this info??
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    Looks like a fluke on the FR24 stats page.
    Shows KNIP9 with a rank of 5324 and uptime of 551.

    On the maximum range, I think that also depends on how strong the signal is, not just the maximum range of the receiver.
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      I've been keeping an eye on my own stats lately as well.
      I can't quite figure out the uptime.
      It seems that my uptime only increases by about 3 - 4 hours every day, however I'm feeding 24x7...


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        I feed 24/7 with a computer up in my loft which is also feeding a weather station to the internet so to help with loss of connection i made it reboot every day at 23:00 so i lose a few minutes every day.
        Ive also had a few days where the internet has gone down for short while as virgin media been doing some work.


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          I've found by trial and error if I restart mine at 02:26 (so I can rotate the log as the built in log rotation stopped working a few versions ago...), FR24 doesn't appear to notice the downtime


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            I hear the bleep of the computer in the loft coming back on and if i am asleep it wakes me up.


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              Bleeping computer! I guess 26 minutes past any hour would work - FR24 probably have some script that runs on the hour...


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                Seems that shared stat and feeder stat are not in sync. I noticed this after (feb 29) upgrading my Raspberry feeder to 1.0.18-5.

                Last days after Fr24 hiccup my feeder stat is going down few hours/day even feeder stat show 100% availability.