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Moving FR24 feeder to another Raspberry Pi

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  • Moving FR24 feeder to another Raspberry Pi

    First, I just want to confirm that I can't have more than one Raspberry Pi feeding flightradar24 from the same geographical location. I believe that's the case from the searching I've done here, but I want to make sure.

    If that's the case, how do I transfer to another Raspberry Pi?

    My guess is that I stop the feeder from running on the existing Pi, remove the software, run the command on the "add coverage" webpage on the new Pi, entering the sharing key that I was originally given during the first install when asked for it during the second install.

    Is this correct?


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    AFAIK there is no rules about geo location and the number of pi's you feed FR24 with but each one needs a different sharing key and different radar id. To transfer the feed, you should be able to use the same key and just do a complete re-install from scratch on the new pi.

    The only advantage of feeding FR24 with more than one pi from the same location is if you have multiple antennas with different reception. e.g. both ends of a building or roof that have different obstructions that limit their reception in different ways.

    BTW, I was considering adding more antennas to my location because of obstructions. A better way to handle that is to use a single pi with the multiple antenna sources to feed FR24 with a single sharing key.
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