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FR24 install works and feeds, but no feed stream on 30003.

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  • FR24 install works and feeds, but no feed stream on 30003.

    I am still struggling with the connection of my Flightradar24 install on a Raspberry pi.
    Flightradar24 works and feeds, but I can't get a feed on 30003 that I wanted to use Virtual Radar.

    VRS' Activity log mentions "Exception caught by connector No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it (followed by an ipV6 address)".

    I think I have found what went wrong.
    A completely fresh install of the Pi from NOOBS followed by the FR24 install worked... until I changed the default Pi machine name using the Pi settings to avoid duplicates.

    After the reboot nothing helped, the Pi refuses connections to 30003.

    Maybe that observation may help others...
    Maybe someone has the solution even if it is not strictly a FR24 problem?

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    The port being open wont depend on the name. It will depend on if you have it actually enabled. And if the name is registered in DNS if not using the IP address in the browser.

    If you specify the --Net option, it will turn them off (as it can cause issues) in fr24feed. But you will need to monitor the startup of Dump1090 to see if the server actually starts. I'm guessing it won't be.

    The Option in FR24feed: Enable/Disable decoded data stream on port 30003

    But is over-ridden if you use advanced options in the commandline as that caused Dump1090 to open them itself.

    Browse to it in your web browser. Same way you get to the config. Will show you if its showing the data. In which case VRS isnt configured for the right data type. 30003 is specific to basestation format.


    However if dump1090 is running as it should. Just connect to 30002 the same way FR24feed taps into it after launch. That is why it says connected to local via UDP in status.
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      Thank you.
      The browser log at :30003 runs perfectly.
      I appears to be an IPv6 problem.
      Another grief against the German Telekom's crap which is the W724V router.
      I resolves to internal IPv6 although IPv6 is not relased. And since that idiotic device is unable to set fixed IPs based on MACs i'm trapped using network names...