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Flight plan data - low quality BUG REPORT

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  • Flight plan data - low quality BUG REPORT


    Sometimes I see aircraft with flight details that are clearly not correct. Not missing but instead wrong.
    Yesterday I went flying in my own aircraft, so I know what was filed for the flights and I see what is shown in FR24, and it does not concur.

    I did two legs from Aarhus AAR/EKAH to Sønderborg SBG/EKSB and back in registration OY-BTY.
    For the first flight I filed the flight plan 2 hours before departure.
    On FR24 the details says it was flight to Rønne RNN/EKRN diverting to SBG/EKSB.

    The return flight was filed just 40 minutes before departure.
    On FR24 the details for this leg is correct SBG - AAR

    It seems as if FR24 made assumptions based on previous flights. The aircraft was last used for trip to RNN and back two days ago.
    Such assumptions clearly don't work for non-scheduled traffic

    FR24 flight data.JPG

    Was is your source for flights? Do you have access to filed flight plans?

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    Hi Kpin,

    We don't have access to flight plans for Europe. You are correct that it in your case was based on previous flights.

    And yes, it does not work well for non-scheduled traffic.

    We are working on manually classifying aircraft to avoid this in the future.