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  • View FR24 Feed Messages Linux

    After some battles and desk beating.... I now have a feeder working on Linux Mint.

    I can view the FR24feed status with: "service fr24feed status" but that only gives you a one time shot of aircraft tracked and message number sent. Windows has a continual scrolling "command type" window to see active messages. Can this be shown in Linux?

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    Stop it, and lose the 'service' from the lines.

    See 'common linux commands'
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      Thanks.... I'll check these out.


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        If you can open "Terminal" window which served with window manager on your Linux, just type Linux console command as "tail -f /var/log/fr24feed.log".
        Then you will see the real-time log and status like as the Windows version.


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          Thanks John,

          Using RTL1090 or GNS5890 feeding ADS-B Scope and FR24 with windows is easy enough, but when it comes to Linux, I get my butt kicked every time. I was able to pick up a few items from above, the most useful was the address "http://localhost:8754/" to get the browser based view of my feed. Your suggestion was exactly what I was looking for as far as watching actual messages to FR24.

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            Good to know my guide come in handy At least someone is using it

            Only issue with dropping the service flags, is if the terminal is closed and reconnected it likely won't resume back to the same location it was as that session would be ended. Good for diagnostics, but the 2nd option is probably better for a realtime if its needed. But be wary (not sure if it still is) in high traffic areas that log can grow fast, and large. Sometimes not auto-deleting which can fill the SD card if on a Rpi
            Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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              Should I assume that /var/log/fr24feed might get to be a large file? If the logs are being recorded there, would a "select all - delete" be in order after a feed stop?



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                Sure will if the 24hr cycling is still broken.

                Personally I have logs disabled, and just use other methods of checking.
                My data is read in basestation from 30003 and put into a SQL database using a java writer. Easy to tell when its not being populated.

                Also visual guides like VRS etc soon show when its not working as it should. And can also log this data. But the web-page status is pretty good at pointing out faults also
                Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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                  I'm always create Linux file system onto USB thumb memory then mount it as external storage for log file of FR24feed on RasPi.
                  It's not so easy for beginners. However, SD will be safe from growth of fr24feed.log


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                    Two questions,
                    1. I had to change the permissions on the log file to delete the contents. I deleted them, but upon starting the feed again..... no logs. I had previously changed the config to not save the logs so I'm hoping that changing it back to (let's say) 48 hours, I should get the active log using the tail function. Shouldn't it automatically delete the old files dependent on your selection of the time limit?
                    2. In windows, am I loading up a log file somewhere or are we dealing with the same issue?


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                      From what I've seen, the fr24feed.log file is "not" being loaded up on Linux. I kept track of file size on a daily basis for about a week. The size will drop when I purposely shorten the program running time for a 24 hour period.