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FR24 and MLAT in dump1090?

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  • FR24 and MLAT in dump1090?

    Im new to this, so sorry if I have made somthing obvious wrong here.

    I had a Raspberry Pi model B+ that I didnt know what to do with, so i ordered a DVB-T usb-dongle so that i could report to FR24

    I got the DVB-T stick this friday, started by installing flightradar24 with the script
    I also wanted to report to flightaware, so i just installed PiAware and I am using the included dump1090 version from fr24.

    PiAware seem to do the MLAT calculation localy by collecting data from nerby stations (12 closest at the moment)
    If I look at the Flightaware forum you see the ADS-B Positions as green and calculated MLAT as blue in dump1090.
    I just see green, even the MLAT planes.

    Is this because the included dump1090 in fr24 is older?

    Because of this, MLAT flights that passes me that my Pi calculates the positions on show up as my radar on fr24 when "I" see them, when they are too far away they go back to MLAT. (see the attached photos)

    Am I doing something wrong, or is it because of the older version of dump1090 that misses a -mlat flag or something like that?
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    Bit of both. If you didn't use the wizards to install either package (or they are not up to date) its possible your Dump1090 is relaying fed-back data from FA which as you point out, does localised calculations and feeds it back from the server to your client and out again on 30002.

    The way around it is to reconfigure it to only show the local calculations and not relay them

    One method is to throw this command at Piaware
    sudo piaware-config -mlatResultsFormat "basestation,listen,31003"

    Then you can configure the likes of VRS to listen on 31003 as a feed source instead.
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      I missed a kind of important bit when I configured dump1090 included in the flightradar24 install to listen to port 30104. I will change that back

      The default port for multilateration results has changed

      Piaware now sends mlat results to port 30104 by default. This change is to try to avoid accidentally feeding mlat results to a dump1090 that is not mlat-aware and may forward the results on unexpectedly (e.g. to other feeder software that doesn't expect to see them).
      Are there any plans to include a newer dump1090 in the apt install of flightradar24 to raspberry pi?


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        So again, sorry for my nooby questions.

        I dont really know what VRS is, and how I can install it.
        But I think I have found a workaround, correct me if im wrong.

        Some steps:
        1. Stopped both running services, fr24feed and PiAware
        2. I went the other way around now, i installed dump1090 ver 1.2-3 from the PiAware page.
        3. Restarted PiAware to see if it could report with the standalone dump1090, worked fine
        4. Configured fr24feed to listen to dump1090 ver 1.2.3 with beast-tcp.
        5. Checked so that it is reporting to fr24feed, seems ok

        So does this setup look ok? It doesnt look like im overtaking T-MLAT planes anymore on fr24 with the calculated position form dump1090

        Next step will be trying to tweak my antenna and antenna position to gain range
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          Should be avrtcp on 30002. But yes that will also work. You can use various versions of d1090 now as long as mlat and --net supported

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            Thank you, it is now running avrtcp