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Does fr24feed_1.0.18-5_i386.deb support MLAT?

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  • Does fr24feed_1.0.18-5_i386.deb support MLAT?

    ...or am I doing something wrong?

    Running it with the bundled mr-dump1090 as the bundled dump1090 doesn't have an "--mlat" flag. Seeing plenty of MLAT running messages, but the log file is full of "[mlat][i]Stats 0/0".


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    Same issue here. Was running fine until midweek, then my stats for aircraft cut in half. Checked the logs and same problem...


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      Hi, not sure if it's the same problem - this version (18-5) for linux was released on Friday. Equi posted in this thread that there's MLAT support, but the thread's been locked so I couldn't ask there...


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        Volunteer MLAT will only be used if the following conditions are met:
        1) There aren't enough FR24 receivers seeing the target => high precision MLAT solution can't be calculated.
        2) There are at least 4 receivers, in total, seeing the same aircraft.
        3) There is at least one FR24 receiver seeing the aircraft and/or seeing other shared ADS-B aircraft so that timestamp offset + drift can be calculated.

        Additionally, at this moment only the following receivers are supported in volunteer MLAT:
        1 - DVBT/SDR
        2 - ModeS Beast, must provide 12MHz timestamps
        3 - Radarcape


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          The beast does it? ooooh. From windows client also? Mine should be helpful if thats the case
          Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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            Yes, Windows client will support MLAT with ModeS Beast when new version is deployed, hopefully later this week.


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              Originally posted by elljay View Post
              Running it with the bundled mr-dump1090 as the bundled dump1090 doesn't have an "--mlat" flag.
              Thanks, this is something we might have missed. Will update the bundled dump1090 and release a new version soon, possibly today.


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                Thanks piopawlu