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Assessing impact of a new feeder location

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  • Assessing impact of a new feeder location

    Hi all,

    Are there any tools (other than "my feeder stats") to assess the contribution of a given (new) feeder? I'd like to know what gap, if any, my new feeders have closed.


    - Balt

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    As far as i know FR24 doesn't have that.
    Trying to contact feeders from your location is the best option to check if your coverage is filling in their blind spots.

    If FR24 sends you a receiver, you know it will contribute or else they would not have send you one.

    It would be nice to have a coverage map just like FlightAware has. There you can change the altitude to spot gaps. When there are only calculated paths you know a feeder is welcome.



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      Anyone can check anyone's stats thanks to this link


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        Correct Sam26K but if you know your max range it doesn't say anything about coverage or closing of a gap as the TS is interested in.

        In my case a tall building is blocking coverage and my blind-spot is over an interesting point in the neighbouring country. Luckily the other feeder in country can cover that area just like i'm covering his/her blind-spot to the north.

        Seeing coverage is an an advantage but it can also be a deterrent; if a persons sees that there is coverage they might be less inclined to apply.