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  • Capturing data for statistics, etc

    Hi there,

    I'm a vetern FR24 user, and a new FR24 feeder (T-LLSD17). I have two questions which are somewhat related:

    1) Is it possible to get more statistics from FR24? I'm checking the feed_stats page on FR24 several times a day but I would love an option to compare between days or hours.
    I don't see that they are providing this, so if there is any way to download this data from FR24 as csv or similar, it would be great.

    2) I would like to create a database of the planes my antenna catches, so that I can later check and see if there is anything interesting there. I live in an interesting area and I already happened to see some interesting planes that my antenna caught, that FR24 hides.
    Is this possible?

    My current setup is a DVB-T dongle + indoor antenna (which is currently outside my window, hope the cold doesn't kill it...), fr24feed, and yesterday I installed Virtual Radar Server, which I thought would solve the 2nd problem, but I cannot see a way to write data there.


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    1. More statistic you can get from modesmixer2 software
    2. In VRS you need Database Writer Plugin that "write" planes basestation.sqb file and then you can see all planes visible to your radar.
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      Thanks! I got the Database Writer Plugin and it looks like it's working fine. I'll check the 1st one when I have a bit more time. It looks a bit complicated :-)