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Flight radar 24 and flight aware feed

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  • Flight radar 24 and flight aware feed

    I have a USB dongle that I use for ADS-B and want to feed it to flightaware and flightradar24. Is there a way to do this or do I have to have two separate PC's and two separate dongles?

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    You can use RTL1090 as the primary application for the dongle input:

    I recommend installing the RTL1090 "SCOPE" VERSION (161) .

    In the RTL1090 settings you can define a UDP target port. Different applications like fr24feed or planeplotter can then connect to this port to get the data from the dongle.


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      you can do that, on the same PC and just one dongle is needed, for configuration helps we need to know if you are making that on Windows or Linux?

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        I am running windows7


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          I am posting a thread which is really useful for Raspberry Pi and running Flightradar 24, Planefinder and Flightaware simultaneously using Docker. The set up takes about an hour for someone with little knowledge as it only requires an install of Docker and a configuration file.

          Would be keen to see how it works under Windows.


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            I have started feeding to both Flightradar24 and Radarbox24 (Flightaware) with a small program that has just been released buy Radarbox24 and I have found it works like a dream :-) I would love to see more Australians sharing this Data as well :-)
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