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FR24 receiver and Vonets wifi dongle

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  • FR24 receiver and Vonets wifi dongle


    I would appreciate some help on connecting a Vonets VAP11G wifi dongle to the fr24 receiver.

    These days I'm installing my new receiver FR24 and, unfortunately it's difficult to connect the receiver via ethernet cable, so I bought a wifi dongle.

    It has operated successfully in the PC, but on the fr24 receiver the Vonets does nothing (connected to Extension USB port and ethernet in the back). It seems the connector does not supply power to the dongle.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    Myself again.

    Now I have solved the problem of feeding the wifi bridge (by a charger). It is connected to my home wifi (and when I plug it on the pc works perfectly).

    But if I connect the wifi bridge to the FR24 receiver, it does not work, at least not answer from

    Some clue?


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      Me again . Receiver located!!! (

      Now is just the radar view, still looking for the local traffic


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        Not a single plane. The receiver is now wholly reachable, but the display-log from status shows no planes, same radar view.
        Perhaps an interference between radio signals (WiFi and ADS-B)?