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why offline?? help

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  • why offline?? help

    Hello to all my rpi are reporting that all is ok by the command sudo service fr24feed status all is green whit ok, but in fr24 webpage i see my status offline.

    any help are appreciated.

    thanks in advanced

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    sudo service f24feed stop
    sudo fr24feed start

    Monitor the output to find error/issue
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      im not a noob proprely so restart its basicaly i think.... checking the piaware log on flightware my stats i see a error: no adsb data programa is serving on port 30005 restarting.....

      and keep goes.....

      so i think its a problem whit a dump1090 someone have any good ideia for i need to do instead to reinstall dump1090? because new installation maybe create duplicate files or scripts and reproduce another errors.

      thanks in advanced