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Radarcape dropping offline overnight

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  • Radarcape dropping offline overnight

    I'm a relative novice and invested in my own Radarcape receiver as I believed it would be easy to set up and require little or no maintenance.
    I can achieve 7 days 100% feed but then occasionally find in the morning that I have gone offline at some point overnight.
    The receiver lights give no clues as they still seem to be indicating reception, so my limited logic suggests an issue with transmitting back through broadband.

    To the best of my knowledge, there is a stable broadband connection that has not shown any problems in the past.
    So far I have interrupted power to the receiver and basically restarted it each time.

    Am I missing something simple and basic?
    Is there a recognized cause I can avoid to ensure this does not happen again?

    A gentle, idiot proof non-technical answer would be appreciated if possible!


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    What version of the firmware are you running ?


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      Originally posted by SpaxmoidJAm View Post
      What version of the firmware are you running ?
      If I understand you correctly - 150620.14.30


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        Yes you are right that is the current version.

        In the seven days it works is it typically the same day that it stops?


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          No regular pattern I recognised (and it hasn't happened again since my first post)

          My set up is still 'work in progress' with an aerial indoors - waiting to get it roof mounted.
          Might just log dates/times for now - if issue continues I might delve deeper.