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Feed from middle of The Atlantic Ocean

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  • Feed from middle of The Atlantic Ocean

    I'm new to the forum but feeding to FR24 for years. I was wondering while I flew over Atlantic last week, Is it possible to feed with ADS-B receiver from inside of a aircraft of it own course. I mean middle of the ocean no one can track it but with on board wifi and a receiver it should be possible. Isn't it?

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    eeh possibly


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      I am almost certain this is possible, as long as you can be connected to the internet and the ADS-B signals are picked up, you should be able to feed.
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        If you place the antenna in the window you may pickup some signals from other nearby planes. I can get ~100NM reception with my DVB-T stick and stock antenna on my car. If you were sitting in the middle, i doubt it since the skin of the aircraft will act like a Faraday cage around you. When I fly (as a commercial passenger), the only way I can map our flight on Avare or Garmin pilot is if I stick my phone in the window to acquire the GPS signal.
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