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New ADS-B Receiver Installed, Appreciate comments on reception

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  • New ADS-B Receiver Installed, Appreciate comments on reception

    I have installed a ADS-B receiver (DVB-T Stick only), appreciate to receive comments on the reception quality (please refer to attached screenshot from RTL1090.

    My Antenna location: 2510'32.8"N 5127'53.2"E (25.175777, 51.464789)

    Nearest Airport : Doha Hamad International Airport, Location 2515'54.4"N 5136'50.4"E (25.265107, 51.613999)

    shall I have entitled to get Premium account based on the reception?
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    Not sure what you're asking for, but if you registered with FR24 you should receive a confirmation email that explains how to sign up for free Premium. Screenshots look good.


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      You will get flightradar24 premium as long as your receiver is properly working. Actually, my current setup doesn't receive very many planes and a lot of the time it is 0 planes (due to poor antenna placement and, well DVB-T stick with default antenna) and my premium account is still active and being extended. Reception is looking good too me as well.

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