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Ettus B200 for feeding?

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  • Ettus B200 for feeding?

    Hey guys, my B200 is no longer doing GSM, just sitting here gathering dust. I wonder if I could use it to feed FR24 or flighaware? I am looking at the gr-air-modes right now, does anyone have experience with this? My search came up empty.


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    Ok I made some progress, hope somebody can help me the rest of the way.

    Modes_rx is working nice with UHD putting out a lot of aircraft on my terminal when run.
    I got the modes_rx with the -P option to give me the sbs1 compatible server out on port 30003. I would like to feed that to dump1090-mutalibility, then from there feed that to flighaware and FR24.

    I put dump1090 into net only mode by changing to below:

    # RTLSDR device index or serial number to use
    # If set to "none", dump1090 will be started in --net-only mode

    Can anyone help me with the settings of these to programs in order to get them to communicate?
    Maybe i'll need netcat? I'm not too great with linux and new to dump1090, so not exactly sure which ports


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      I would like to do the same.
      Did you manage it?



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        Did that. Although I'd find a better use for the board if I were you (selling it can buy you lots of cool adsb receiving equipment, filters, antennas, etc.), I got mine to work.

        You need a few apps for that though.

        1. gr-air-modes (modes_rx command)
        2. flightradar app
        3. ModeSMixer (xdeco|dot|org/?page_id=48)

        First, turn on modes_rx with '-P' parameter. This opens up a server on port 30003 with data stream on it.
        Second, turn on ModeSMixer with ./modesmixer2 --inConnect localhost:30003 --web 8080 --outServer beast:30005. You'll have a nice web ui on port 8080, remove that if you don't need it.
        And last, turn your flightradar app, configure it with ModeS beast via network and port 30005. Should work by this moment.

        P.s. with this ModeSMixer you can mix adsb data from multiple sources and merge it into one stream, after that push it to flightradar in one piece.
        All checked with Ettus USRP b205 mini. Also with rtl-sdr.