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FR24 feed from Basestation and possible error uploading

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  • FR24 feed from Basestation and possible error uploading


    My FR24 feed was working okay until yesterday when for unknown reason it crashed. Was then unable to connect fr24 after PC restart.

    As I had moved from dongle to Basestation SBS-1er (usb connection to the PC running all the feed software) last year thought I would also use the latest fr24 software since this hadn't been updated for quite some time.

    Will also add that Planeplotter, VRS and MilMode are in use and working okay.

    FR24 Feed Congif settings after setup are

    Receiver - sbs1tcp
    fr24key - ***
    host [matches that of basestation settings]
    bs - no
    raw - yes
    logomode - 1
    mpx - yes

    The basestation port is 20072 (got to that number after trying various options to get fr24 feed working and now can't recall what it used to be)
    Planeplotter TCP Port 30034
    VCR Receiver Port 30003

    When opening fr24 feed and in the 'dos' screen I can see

    Connecting to SBS1 receiver on [ip/port settings]
    Connected to the receiver, authenticating
    ping 12
    ping 13 (normally 2 or 3 pings)

    then text about connecting to basestation before being terminated after processing messages.

    This 'dos' screen remains open until it crashes about 15 minutes later having reached around 150 pings.

    When I view my account in fr24 it says that I'm offline

    Any pointers to what I'm missing or screwing up would be welcome.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Update from Web Status/Config

    FR24 Link : Connected via UDP
    Aircraft Tracked :0
    Aircraft Uploaded: N/A
    Receiver: sbs1tcp, Connected

    doing my head in


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      Had you asked that question yesterday I would not have been able to answer you

      I have today managed to get the feeder working while running Basestation with my local traffic showing, Active Display filling in the missing info, as well as Radarbox also showing local and network traffic.

      Settings I have (Windows 7 64 bit)

      Receiver type option 2 SBS device
      Connected by option 1 USB
      Output data on 30334 & 10001 (do not output on 30003)
      Logfile mode - whatever

      Hardware settings - 20072
      Non Volatile settings - Cant remember exactly, and buggered if I am going to change my config to get the settings menu up to check
      I *think* I set the SBS up as a server on port 20072 on IP which is the subnet on my LAN.

      Active Display port 30003

      And that all seems to work, I hope it does for you too.



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        Hi slammer99uk

        Thank you for responding. Unfortunately I continue to experience issues so have got to the stage where I can't be bothered any more trying to fix it.

        FR24 will continue to get my feed via the sharing option within Planeplotter.

        Once again thank you.


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          Just checking if you checked the advanced section of the manual..

          sbs1tcp - SBS1, SBS1er, SBS3 connected via Ethernet/TCP, please specify its IP
          and port by using “--host”
          This indicates you need to add --host localhostort in the additional commands section

          You also need to reconfigure basestation to use localhost:20072 when mpx is enabled
          Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers