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    Originally posted by Oblivian View Post
    Does Burger King tell you how to make a McDonalds Big Mac..
    That's not a very good analogy but not knowing who or what "Oblivion" is I don't know how to answer.

    If you work for FR, I would have one answer which I won't bother with. If you are just a super motivated and dedicated volunteer, I would thank you profusely for all your help and apologize if I have offended you.

    >The forum is not for support, it is a community where people try to assist others.

    Not sure what the distinction is but that is why I am here but happen to be on the receiving end at this point. I was hoping to find someone who is actually running ADBScope with the new feeder and able to provide the setup info I need to get it going correctly.

    I am not familiar enough with the vocabulary to just run with generalities, I need specific steps, names and numbers. I will just keep hoping someone comes along with the info or just keep doing what I am doing.

    >I'm still struggling to see how you managed this without some mid-tier software. The original software has NO ability to connect to hardware to do so. It could only listen for local pre-decoded network traffic.

    Not sure what you mean by mid-tier software but this is basically what I am doing:

    1. Load dump1090.bat
    2. Start ADSBscope, set RDC port (don't have the number in here), enable RDC
    Scope now plotting local AC.
    3. Load old FR24 feeder

    It now displays red AC on the FR Radar display and indicates local traffic in drop down box.

    My Feeder page does not offer (more info) so there are no stats available.

    Does this make sense?

    All I can do with the new feeder is feed to FR and get the stats but have yet to get it to talk to ADSBscope so it's pretty useless for my interests. I really like my own local display with or without feeding.



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      Not sure which of your tricks did the trick Nesbo but it now is running on the New feeder and also feeding ADSbScope.

      I will post the changes on the ADSBscope thread.

      BTW, I have no VHF ham capabilities anymore. My activities are strictly AM and mostly of 40 meters.

      I run a net called the Noon Time Forum on 7.275 where a bunch of old geezers gather to solve all the world problems. I was asked not to post "ads" so I can't send the link to my radio page but at the risk of being lashed, you can find it at

      Thanks for your help.



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        OK nice that it is running now, I assume it was the missing tick in front of Beast

        Jack I have only the novice licence so no 40 m are allowed, only 10, 15, 80 and 160m and vhf / uhf
        And your contact details are at the well know QRZ webpage for HAM radio operators, so you can edit your post


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          Originally posted by Nisbo View Post
          OK nice that it is running now, I assume it was the missing tick in front of Beast
          That decoder section is ignored when you use the raw-client, fresh install on here has adsbpic ticked but still gets data via the client fine.

          Interestingly those instructions here are largely the same screenshots from a couple of said links from/on sonicgoose that I had previously pointed out.

          And to clarify, no. I am not an employee. But someone on the other side of the planet from the Sweden head office like many others who attempts to help where I can. The sup

          The middle-tier software I was referring to regarding how the old software just listens has now been clarified that you have posted all your own steps. dump1090.bat - this runs dump1090.exe - an app that does the Same thing FR24feed does (sound familiar...)
          Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers