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Limit of applications on Premium account

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  • Limit of applications on Premium account

    Original thread for Premium account users (sorry, I can't post links yet), mentioned in "Before you ask" thread, is marked as OLD and CLOSED. I didn't find any alternative, so I assume, this is the right place to discuss these matters.

    Limit of three devices simultaneously logged in to Premium account sounds like a mistake or a good joke, because regular website-access is counted on.

    I have three computers (home, office and server) and when I'm using Premium on each on it, it means, that I can't use any mobile application in Premium mode. When registering for Premium account and reading about this limit for the first time, I was more than sure, that it is related to mobile applications only.

    Is there any reasonable reason behind so low limit? Is there any chance on getting it bigger? Because right know, if I'm limited to three devices only at all (including websites), I don't find ANY reasonable reason for paying for monthly Premium fee or spending my electric power and device run on feeding Flightradar24.

    Thanks in advance for any explanations here.