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RTL1090 works, but not any other program after adding LNA

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  • RTL1090 works, but not any other program after adding LNA

    The two first pictures are rtl1090 running and the coverage i get with VRS+RTL1090

    With dump1090, mrdump1090, modesdeco2 i get nothing.

    I might get a few packets if a plane is right over me, but other then that i get zilch...

    Remove LNA, and i get back to my previous covarge that was MAX 190nm (~350km), and dump1090 etc work just fine.

    With the LNA in and with rtl1090 feeding VRS i get 215nm (~400km) all the time...

    Any ideas why rtl1090 would work like a charm and why the others just wont play at all?!?

    Right now my feeder is down due to this and i cant figure it out.
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    My guess would be gain settings.


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      Tested auto and manual gain and no difference...


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        Gain settings are only variable. I would suggest trying ADSB#, it gives better feedback on frame rates vs. gain, determine with that what gain you want then enter that number into dump1090 or modesdeco2.


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          Thanks, looks like i might get it sorted


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            Looks like your LNA overloaded your receiver.

            Happened to me, when LNA is on, I see less planes.
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