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    Hi guys,

    I just joined this community last night when I got my DVB-T stick, and connected it to my RPi. Everything worked fine, and I am now T-EHAM75.

    Now, I want to blog about this experience, and show my stats page to the world. Is there a public link to my stats page that I can share with my friends?

    H, from Amsterdam

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    now when you are a feeder, you have free premium account. You can create one here
    Select "I feed data to Flightradar24 and want to go Premium for free*" option and use same e-mail used for feeding.
    After creating account you can visit your stats page HERE an you will se your feed
    Something like
    Radar: T-EHAM75 Status: Online Last upload (~5min): 2015-05-14 12:03:54 More info
    Click on More Info
    For official support use Contact Form


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      I can see it, no problem. But how do I let the friends see it, without logging in?


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        Screenshot only

        Sorry didn't understand you at the first.
        For official support use Contact Form


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          That needs to change ;-)

          With a public link, and with a facebook "Share" button. If you want me to contribute, just let me know how.


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            Don't think that is going to happen.
            For official support use Contact Form


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              Just putting forward my help. :-)

              In all the other communities where sharing is a factor (tor, distributed computing, etc...) this is a standard feature. Enthusiast people like to show what they are doing, blog about it, present it to colleagues/friends/family. If you want some serious adhesion to your cause (increase coverage, in this case) you need to make more visible. "Screenshot only" doesnt cut it, when compared with what you are asking from the community.

              Just my 2 cents.


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                The stats page is cached every 10 minutes which is kind of boring. You can upload your local realtime feed to the public with VRS if you have your own website, don't know if it will work from a blog platform.

                This guy lives relatively nearby, I like to check it and compare stats: