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  • Flightradar vs flightaware

    Hi to all someone can explain me why in my stats in flightradar i see for example a log with: aircraft see 750 positions reported 15.000 and in same day on flightaware i see : aircraft see: 1020 positions reported 35.000 its double in positions reported.

    Thanks in advanced

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    Do you use one antenna for both feeds or do you use the equipment supplied by FR and FA (and have two separate antenna's)?


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      one antenna for both

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        It may simply be a matter of impedance mismatch between the two units (or of something in the rest of the setup), an issue which is quite common when attempting to run two (or more) devices off one antenna. One (if low impedance) will 'hog' all the signal leaving the other (relatively high impedance) device floundering with little signal. I'm not familiar with the specs of either device but hope this may be of assistance.

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          mrcarlos can you describe your setup and how you feed the data to FR and FA.
          If you are using one antenna it's likely that you don't have equipment supplied by FR or FA because they have their own antenna.


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            i think he has only one setup ( stick) on Rpi and two feeder sw's for feeding.
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              most likely it's the way the feeder processes the data, the FR24 one probably does more pre-sending processing reducing the the amount of data it sends.

              For example lets say in a ten second window you got 10 positions off an aircraft, do you really need all 10? if you dumped the first 9 in that ten seconds window you would still get a good track of that aircraft.

              As they are different pieces of software its not really a good comparison.
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                Originally posted by Amper View Post
                i think he has only one setup ( stick) on Rpi and two feeder sw's for feeding.
                yes its right like you said


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                  I have the same issue. My Flightaware stats show many more positions and aircraft than what I see on my FR24 stats page. Even what I am looking at on Dump1090 doesn't always show up on FR24. I feed both using the same rpi and antenna setup.