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Android based ADS-B client for FlightRadar24

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  • Android based ADS-B client for FlightRadar24

    Hey everyone,

    Recently started feeding using fr24feed on windows and everything is working well. I'd like to move away from Windows desktop and need to know if there is an android client that can feed flightradar24. I know that FlightFeeder for Android FlightAware allows you to connect your adapter via usb Y cable and publish, however not sure if there is anything out there for fr24 as this is my preference. I know that raspberry pi is an option, but hoping to avoid that route and re-purpose an older android phone (ie: Samsung Galaxy S3).


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    This would be an interesting lowcost setup not to mention highly portable. I wouldnt mind seeing an Android feed for Flightradar24 as well.


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      Wouldn't the problem with a portable system be that FR24 feeds rely on knowing exactly where and at what height a feeder is in order to accurately contribute to the MLAT data though? If the/a feed was to move around it would cause errors in calculating the TDOA i think, either resulting in feeding inaccurate data or the data being refused from FR24.

      I know there are standalone ADS-B receiver apps out there for android. I've yet to try them however.


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        I have used Android Apps "ADSB Receiver" (also known as "Avare ADSB" ) by Hiz LLC on my old Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone to receive & view adsb using a DVB-T dongle and OTG cable.

        I have also used "ADSB on Android" by RF Connect.

        Both are good. Both display map with airplanes, and data / airplane table, but these do NOT have facility to feed data to FR24, FA or any other similar site.

        I have also used Flightaware's Android App, which displays map with planes, table of aircrafts, and also feeds data to Flightaware, but has no facility to configure it to feed data to any other site.






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          The BEST OPTION for members is if Flighradar24 releases its own Android App.

          However till that time, if one just wants a local display on his/her android tablet / phone without feeding data to any site, he/she can use either "Avare ADSB/ADSB Receiver" App, or "ADSB On Android" App, or Flightaware's "FlightFeeder" Andriod App, all free of cost from Google Play Store.

          The Flightaware App currently feeds data to Flightaware, but on 15 August they announced that:
          "After September 15, 2016, FlightAware will no longer be maintaining or supporting this software. We will however be releasing the code to the community as open source."

          "What does this mean if you are currently using FlightFeeder Android? After September 15, the app will no longer be able to feed data to FlightAware. It may still work for receiving and displaying local data but it will be no longer supported by FlightAware."

          Here are screenshots of FA Android App "FlightFeeder" installed on my Android Phone Samsung Galaxy.



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            You can fixate old android tv box/phone, and sometimes you can get a old second hand android phone/box for less than the price of a raspberry pi