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Cannot access my feed on my Raspberry Pi

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  • Cannot access my feed on my Raspberry Pi


    I noticed that my Raspberry Pi was no longer feeding, and I do not know how long it had not been feeding. I do not recall getting a notification that it was down as they used to send in the past.

    At any rate, I used the instructions to load a completely new copy and reconfigure everything.

    I now know I am feeding again, because I checked with the command "service fr24feed status".

    The issue I am having is I used to be able to go to my browser and type in the IP of the Raspberry Pi and see my own area and the planes it was seeing.

    Now, that's not working. It is saying "Connection Refused"

    Is there a configuration item that I am missing to allow this?

    Thanks in advance if I have missed something that is already here somewhere.


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    Can you post your log file please or email it to support?