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  • Checking feed is working?

    Ive installed dump1090 and fr24feed (separately as i couldnt get the fr24 deb to work at all) on a raspberry pi.

    dump1090 is working as i can see a/c on the interactive mode and the web interface.

    Ive configured fr24 to use the TCP feed from it and running it. I *think* its working but how do i check? The log is showing similar to:-

    2015-04-04 23:13:21 | [stats][i]sent 448 bytes
    2015-04-04 23:13:23 | [feed][i]sent 1 AC in 1 packet
    2015-04-04 23:13:28 | [time][i]Time synchronized correctly, offset -0.0012 seconds
    2015-04-04 23:13:33 | [feed][i]sent 1 AC in 1 packet
    2015-04-04 23:13:40 | [feed][i]sent 2 AC in 1 packet
    2015-04-04 23:13:40 | [feed][n]syncing stream
    2015-04-04 23:13:46 | [feed][i]sent 2 AC in 1 packet
    2015-04-04 23:13:52 | [feed][i]sent 2 AC in 1 packet
    I assume that means its receiving and sending valid data? How do i check fr24 is receiving it and its valid though?

    Also, im trying to register for premium using the same email address as my sharing key but cant see to do it. I just get:-
    Email is not valid.
    Please make sure to use the same email address you used when registering your Flightradar24 feed.
    It IS the same email the key was received but simply doesn't work. Is there a certain waiting period between feeding and premium being an option?