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Problem with Feed Stats page?

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  • Problem with Feed Stats page?

    I have a FR24 receiver, YSSY-1, and I've noticed that my Feed Stats page is consistently showing large gaps in when it thinks I'm online. It seems to show I'm online only from around 10:40 until 17:15 UTC every day with no signal at other times (see screen shot).

    Right now it's 7:39 UTC on Tuesday 3rd however the last time stats thinks I was online was 2nd Feb 17:18 UTC - even though FR24 is showing I'm online with aircraft I'm hearing right now in Radar View showing in FR24 as my radar being the source ...

    Is it just me? I've restarted my FR24, my router etc with no change?Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 6.39.49 pm.jpg

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    there is definitely something going on with you connection / internet looking at the times when it works.

    When my system (radarcape almost a fr24 box) was doing random drop outs i noticed that if i restarted it when the stats were not working my radarcape could not do a dns look up of a couple of the fr24 servers (all other internet was fine).

    It may be something similar with you if by default you are using your providers DNS servers, you could try changing your router to use google's DNS (if your using google try another). Its a simple thing to try.


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      Thanks - I'll give that a go - can't hurt I guess - just very weird it is only selective with particular times and this problem only started in the last few weeks ...


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        Changing DNS made no difference - not sure if this error in my log file means anything?

        2015-02-03 11:00:05 | [mlat][i]Connecting to udp://
        2015-02-03 11:00:05 | [mlat][i]Timebase is UTC
        2015-02-03 11:00:05 | [mlat][i]Registering MLAT station...[feed][n]working
        2015-02-03 11:00:15 | [feed][i]sent 2 planes in 1 packets
        2015-02-03 11:00:27 | ERROR
        2015-02-03 11:00:28 | [mlat][i]Connecting to udp://
        2015-02-03 11:00:28 | [mlat][i]Timebase is UTC
        2015-02-03 11:00:33 | [mlat][i]Registering MLAT station...[feed][i]sent 1 planes in 1 packets
        2015-02-03 11:00:47 | [feed][i]sent 2 planes in 1 packets
        2015-02-03 11:00:49 | ERROR
        2015-02-03 11:00:50 | [mlat][i]Connecting to udp://
        2015-02-03 11:00:50 | [mlat][i]Timebase is UTC
        2015-02-03 11:00:59 | [mlat][i]Registering MLAT station...[feed][i]sent 2 planes in 1 packets
        2015-02-03 11:01:11 | ERROR


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          I suggest that you contact


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            No issues for me, other then a small hiccup on Friday (try to work out if it was a network (LAN) or internet (ISP) issue.
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