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Raspberry Pi using DUMP1090 to a csv file?

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    I started my combined netcat at around 1.30pm local today and it's only 9Mb for six hours so far with the quiet time to come so I wouldn't expect too much over 20Mb for a busy day down here. I'm not sure what I can do with it after but at least the positions can be plotted on
    Palmerston North,
    New Zealand
    ex-FR24 Feeder


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      One guy in Reddit put the data into MATLAB and made 3D visualisation of flights:

      Also has one map option which makes an animation of the data...

      I would like to see these made of Queenstown flights :-)


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        Originally posted by nzradar View Post
        I used this to get multiple MSG lines:

        nc 30003 | egrep --line-buffered 'MSG,1,|MSG,3,' >> /folder/somewhere/tracks_callsigns.csv

        Note the use of egrep instead of grep

        someone can tell if this method run on non stop? how can i stop or start again?
        thanks in advanced


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          well i find a great way to do this, without any others software, make sure you have enabled raw data on port 30003 (dump1090 --raw) or 192.168.x.x:8754 in dump arguments write --raw, restart dump1090.

          Go to console terminal and type:

          sudo wget -O - -q http://myreceiver:30003 > log.txt .csv .kml or wathever format you want, press ctrl+c to stop it, type in terminal ls and you see your file in root directory, there are many options , make a executable sh or automate the process with crontab. you can upload data to or in google earth. Enjoy