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    Another Canadian site

    Hi there,

    I think I've checked in here before, but thought I'd send you some photos of my latest setup, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I live on top of a converted old four-storey clothing factory building. I recently had a rooftop AC/heat-pump unit installed on the roof, so moved my Raspberry Pi based "radar" system up there, with reasonable wifi service punching through the corrugated metal penthouse roof. The antenna is the basic FlightAware one bought on Amazon, with a lightning arrestor, grounding, and a cell-phone mast and mount installation. I built the rest of the system inside a vented weatherproof enclosure (see the grey box), designed for mounting indoor-intended equipment outdoors. In the photos, the metallic probe at the end of a cable is a temperature sensor that I use to track the conditions inside the box, which experiences very extreme weather (both hot and cold) up there.

    I provide ADS-B and MLAT tracking data now to 7 different organizations worldwide:
    • Flightradar24: T-CYCV22
    • Flightaware: Site 45379 (CYUL)
    • PlaneFinder: Receiver 90911
    • RadarBox24: Station EXTRPI004762
    • ADS-B Exchange: Receiver AndreasWarby-51063
    • Opensky: Receiver 1408237049
    • ADSBHub: AndreasWarby (ID 185)

    With the increased coverage (nearly to Toronto in the west, and to the Atlantic Ocean in the east), I am now uploading about 1.2 Gigabytes of data per day. I haven't yet looked into which of the above 7 recipient organizations are the higher bandwidth offenders. Would anyone know? I do know that some are very *low* bandwidth.

    Finally, I'd like to thank you all, especially Captain abcd567, for sharing valuable information and know-how!

    Here's to Canadian feeders, eh! Cheers,
    IMG_3715.jpg IMG_3258.jpg


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      Nice setup Andreas!

      I'm feeding from CYYB.

      I'm thinking about moving my antenna and associated equipment from inside the house to my roof. I know there's lots of information on lightning protection and grounding on this and other forums, but was wondering what you specifically did for these items?

      I think my setup is going to look a lot like yours when it's done. I will also be connecting by wifi into the house. So the only electrical connection into the house will be power from an exterior light junction box via an extension cord. And the antenna will be mounted on a mast screwed into the fascia at the peak of the house, with an equipment enclosure attached under the eave to the soffit.

      Thanks for any detail design information you can provide!



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        How do I go about facilitating the addition of tower at CZVL? What info do I need to provide?