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Raspberry Pi type B + DVB-T Dongle to feed FR24

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  • Hello

    It is possible to configure the wireless network?

    I already have the raspberry PI with the operating system, but in post 8 indicates that the connection must be wired to the router

    Using the Raspberry Pi

    1. Connect IP

    2. Monitor (I used an HD TV + HDMI cable)

    3. USB keyboard,

    4. The Internet connection (wired)

    5. SD card into the IP

    6. Monitor Power on

    7. Power on Pi

    8. Watch it boot

    9. Logging onto the pi with

    username: root

    Password: raspberry

    Or in this step must be cable and later by wirelless?


    • No, you are free to use WIFI if you like - I've not used it that way and have no experience of setting it up to do WIFI

      It's easiest to get the system working with wired connections (keyboard, screen, internet) - especially if you are just starting with linux, once you are comfortable simplify it - it just needs power, an antenna connection and a network connection

      on 9: Try using putty from a windows PC - if it doesn't work, try with keyboard and monitor since that will show you what's really happening.


      The other way of looking at this is do you run a windows PC headless (no monitor, keyboard, mouse - just with remote access - even when setting it up)?


      • Originally posted by peterhr View Post
        I've not used it that way and have no experience of setting it up to do WIFI

        right, but I can install any operating system on raspberry and not this?

        I have installed this RASPBIAN "Wheezy" and then you can configure the wireless network with this tutorial


        • good afternoon

          I have some questions

          Raspbian now installed and now I intend for the image-pi-fr24feeder 20140227que are about 970mb

          Now the question is

          How can I insert the sd card raspberry without damaging the boot I have there?

          The image indicates that win32disk to copy the image can become corrupt boot


          • The reason I used minimal is that full rasperian includes drivers for the dongle to make it work as a TV receiver, these drivers need to be disabled before rtl1090 / dump1090 will work. There may be tips here about "Prevent some kernel modules to lock the use of USB DVB-T stick"

            the question of "How can I insert the sd card raspberry without damaging the boot I have there?"

            I just use win32disk to copy the images, then dismount / eject the drive letter afterwards to ensure the write has completed.

            Oh, I've just understood what you mean ... the image pi-fr24feeder-20140227 will overwrite whatever is on the SD card destroying previous content. It is Rasbarian + dump1090 + (the old) feeder, just needs you to add your sharing key. It only needs a 1GB card ... so if you have something of that size or slightly bigger that you don't want to use in your camera - use that. Save your present working SD card somewhere in case you need it again.

            The beauty of using a Pi is that if you have a working image and you want to try something else, then use a different SD card.

            On the question of WiFi - I use powerline adaptors to pass network traffic over the building power cabling, see
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            • ok, I appreciate all the help given.

              I'll make a video with my difficulties and post here tomorrow, so it may be because it helps me in the difficulties that have


              • Olá mais uma vez

                A partir daqui é que estou com muitas duvidas

                Ainda não pus o dongle e o cabo de rede para já

                Que username ou password ponho?

                O cartão apenas tem o ficheiro pi-fr24feeder-20140227

                Estou a ter o procedimento correcto?


                Peço desculpa pela tradução, a tradução é feita pelo google


                Hello again

                From here is that I am with many questions

                Not yet put the dongle and network cable for now

                I put that username or password?

                The card only has the file pi-fr24feeder-20140227

                I'm having the correct procedure?

                Thank you

                Sorry for the translation, the translation is done by google



                • Looks good

                  connect to the network

                  login with
                  Username : root
                  Password : raspberry

                  do ifconfig
                  eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:50:56:AC:53:5C
                  inet addr: Bcast: Mask:
                  inet6 addr: fe80::250:56ff:feac:535c/64 Scope:Link
                  UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST MTU:1500 Metric:1

                  Write down the info in red - you may want to use it to set up a DHCP reservation on your router

                  Once the Pi is on a known fixed IP address, you no longer need the monitor & keyboard - you can use putty to access it.

                  connect everything

                  once logged in edit the file to enter your own feeder key

                  do ./ and you should have a working system


                  • Redesign for barebones Raspberry Pi computer



                    • good afternoon

                      I've got to run but now we just need to enter the key

                      How to insert the key?

                      I already have the key

                      Sem Título.jpg


                      • Insert it into the sh script. Read the manual from #8.


                        • I'm reading the manual many times but I can not understand how to insert the key that I have

                          I´m sorry
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                          • Read this ->
                            Under Shell script to run the software page 7&8/12, you have the dummy fs24 feeder key "01234567890abcdef". Replace it with your own.


                            • Hello

                              I think I've got

                              But it was difficult

                              But thanks for your help peterhr loplo

                              already gives the FR24 as online

                              Tomorrow I see the statistics in premium FR24


                              • Welcome to the club.