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  • 2020-11-19_9-30-31.jpg2020-11-19_9-30-06.jpg

    Something seems amiss here. The callsign, track and performance of this aircraft all suggest its a Hawk not a C130J.


    This image is from another site and show the aircraft as a Hawk.

    Same aircraft again from a third site.Second aircraft "A97-469" does not exist as far as I am aware. Probably a Hawk
    as well.

    Anyone got any thoughts on whats going on here.


    • Yep panthers are Hawks
      Unless there has been a re-jig of transponder IDs.
      Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


      • Likely the transponder ids got reassigned and the database doesn't reflect that yet.
        type/registration are not broadcast but looked up in a database using the ModeS hex id.


        • My layman’s breakdown of statistics for Aussie FR24 Feeders on the last day of 2020.

          Since 01SEP2020, I've identified 4 new Australian airport locations appearing in the FR24 statistics:
          YBHM - Great Barrier Reef (Hamilton Island)
          YMDN - Merredin WA
          YMOR - Moree NSW
          YWUD - Wudinna SA

          Today there are 1031 active FR24 feeders (195 F-Feeders and 836 T-Feeders) in Australia using 189 unique airport codes out of 213 I’ve identified since November 2015. This doesn’t count any new ones who have come and gone within this period – nor does it count the couple of active airports that are not appearing the statistics.

          And based on the suffix number, Sydney (YSSY) has had 289 T-feeder registrations just pipping Brisbane (YBBN) with 282. Definitely some interest in feeding from these two major locations.



          • Here we are, 19th March 2024. Very quiet in here the last few years by the look of it. I'm just one of many hundreds of feeders here in Sydney. Interesting hobby I must say. Does anyone still look in on this forum?


            • Yep, Coffs here


              • Hello fellow Aussies and "wannabees"
                I'm living the life at Eden NSW in the South East corner of the Mainland (which seems a very entitled descriptor) I've been contributing to FR24 for a month or so now with varying success. I'm now receiving Aircraft out to 100nm via a home-built coaxial-collinear antenna with a base about 2m above the top of the roof. Before that the antenna was 2m lower, before that I had a pro bought VHF ant that had at best 10NM.
                I started my contributing to add A/C at low-level ESP Roulettes out of east sale on LL expeditions that pass this way. anything below 2-2500 were not included on the FR24 map....not any more.
                Now looking at cotrib to and have another [Beter] SDR coming and another Rapb-Pi what to contribute there...Cant hear both sides of VHF A/C-ATC but the area is not covered...or try for the trans Tasman HF traffic?.....So many decisions. BUT HI everyone!