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  • Originally posted by Amper View Post

    Be assured that your data is used and important to

    Given the comments on many threads, that statement is a joke. I dont need to elaborate here any further, I'm sure you've seen enough of us have our say on whats wrong with this place on many many many other threads.


    • Originally posted by Kpin View Post

      Maybe turn your attention to the feeder statistics

      You are currently number 133 in Australia. Maybe focus on improving that.

      And as Amper says; You are vital to the MLAT which requires 3-4 feeders to resolve a position but none of them will ever be 'credited'
      Given great many feeders dont use the current stats providing version, they would likely be a lot further down than 133.


      • A big thank you to Amper, Oblivian & Kpin.

        That was exactly the encouragement I needed. So yes, at #113, it's not doing too bad and take on board all comments by each of you.

        I was not even aware that the share-stats page existed so thank you!

        Of the stations which I see mentioned in this region, Rocky River (Armidale) (#151), Tamworth (#64), Port Macquarie (actually Kempsey) (#156), Toowoomba (#43), Inverell (#179), Coffs Harbour (#152), Gold Coast (#35), Coonabarabran (#154), Nambucca Heads (#208) and Ballina (#31)

        I can well see how the ranking is calculated and will certainly concentrate on the "uptime" mostly as I did not realise this would impact so much. "Max Range" has been taken out to best ability - the topography of the area prevents more than 75nm south but as far as west, north and east is concerned a range of 215nm is about what could be expected.

        Thank you again - let's see if the ranking can improve.....
        Host of: FlightRadar24 F-YARM1,2,3 and T-YARM3,5 and FlightAware Sites #12042 and #39479 as well as Radarbox24 Site #PGANRB300831 and Planefinder Site #93858 with RPi running LiveATC all listed as yarmarmidale


        • You won't see it here

          US Navy P8 Poseiden 168435 C/S Talon 72 is operating off the NSW coast probably with RAN.

          Sadly you will not see it here


          • Hi there

            I am only about 4nm from YSSY and receive the ground vehicles. Unfortunately the FR24 software does not work currently with SBS3 so I am waiting for a fix from FR24 and then will be able to share again.



            • Sounds good. FR24 staff have assured me via email that the FR24 software still supports ground vehicles.


              • Well what do you know. Ground vehicles have started to plot at both YBBN and YSSY. But funny they are from F- feeders. Never seen before. Looks like someone at FR24 is working on this problem at last. No sign of them in latest feeder software for T- feeders but.


                • I'm not sure that they have started again. I saw one vehicle yesterday and that was it. Today there are none. Previously there were always lots of vehicles. See attached screenshot of YSSY from 11 Dec 2014 showing 8 ground vehicles.

                  ground vehicles yssy dec 2014.jpg


                  • Ground vehicles popping up all over Europe today. All data seems from F- feeders only (except the old Amsterdam T- feeder). Looks like changes are in the wind. Hopefully the next T- feeder software will enable the return of this feature.

                    Update: Looks like T-EHAM53 is being overtaken by F- feeders at Amsterdam.
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                    • currently showing ten ground vehicles at YSSY, FR24 showing zero.


                      • You have to be patient with progress on this one. More and more are appearing in Europe from F- feeders. At YBBN the local F- feeder can only see them at the southern end of the field. I suspect the same issue at YSSY where a nearby F- feeder can only receive messages for part of the entire airfield. You have to be lucky to see one. If they release a version for T- feeders (eg Rpi) you will get a heap more.


                        • Is there a thread that explains the difference between F and T please? (I have been considering buying a cheap USB receiver).


                          • Don't think there is an official explanation but this is latest thread that corresponds to my understanding (but you never can tell):
                            If you get and setup your own receiver it will likely be registered as a T- feeder.
                            If your site is close enough to YSSY you won't then need FR24 because you will have display of the ground vehicles yourself.


                            • Originally posted by pmolsen View Post
                              Is there a thread that explains the difference between F and T please?.
                              There has been a few posts in different threads. F = FR24 box (Radarcape based) and T = Raspberry Pi [RPi], PC, Android phone using the USB dongle.

                              I operate both F-YSWG1 and T-YSWG2 (RPi 2 Model B), F picks up further but is also more stable with the signals from aircraft and T is about 20% less with what it picks up and not as stable (since we are asking a lot for a USB stick, software and DIY antenna).

                              Range of F-YSWG1 and T-YSWG2 with VRS. T has some spikes which I've yet to remove (unsure why it happened when I had measures to prevent such spikes)
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                              F-YSWG1 and T-YSWG2


                              • I have started sharing my Data Feeds using a small program mostly because there are just so many feeders already in my area and found it works just perfect :-)

                                If you would like to know more about Data Sharing please send me a PM or email me at james (at)