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    Hey Guys,

    Finally got my antenna into position after all the bad weather passed seem to be getting some good numbers


    • Hi you seem to have a similar receive range to me, I am not able to receive to the west very well due to the surrounding landscape, but east is very good. I am near "Woolies"


      • Hi there,

        I've just recently signed on as F-YSSY3 with the ADS-B antenna next to my TV antenna on the roof and the FR24 equipment is definitely giving better results than my DVB-t stick. I've had some hits in excess of 450 km (240 NM) away. My range now gets out to around Nambucca Heads, Port Macquarie, Armidale, about 100 km beyond Tamworth, about 50km beyond Narrabri, Coonamble, around 100 km beyond Dubbo, Condobolin, West Wyalong, Temora, Junee, Wagga Wagga, Tumut, about 50 km beyond Canberra, Jindabyne, Bombala and Eden.

        My range out to sea isn't so good though - only about 250 km - as I have hills and high-rises blocking my view towards that direction. I don't have anything in the south-east either, but I think that's just because there haven't been any flights there yet. I do seem to be getting ground coverage, however (I'm under 10 km from the airport).

        I've attached pictures of my range after only a few hours of feeding and ground coverage. Each ring is 50 km and the outermost ring is 450 km:
        Range-20141202.jpg ground.png

        I hope that my range to the west of my location will help improve MLAT coverage in rural New South Wales.


        • I have been feeding from F-YSCN2 for about 6 weeks now and it is good to see the increase in MLAT traffic in the Sydney area. I am at 900m in the Blue Mountains so I get pretty good range out to sea but the nearby ridges and trees restirct my range out west to about the same as yours.

          Attached is my latest range rings- same scale as yours,
          Attached Files


          • Hi Stanno,

            Thanks for replying. It's nice to see someone else in this thread - it seems relatively quiet.

            That's some nice range out to sea you've got there. Unfortunately, hills and high-rises block my view in that direction.

            How high up above ground level is your antenna? Is it on a mast?

            Update: Since today's storms caused the Melbourne-bound flights to head more out to sea, I now have the SE direction of my range plot filled out also:
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            • My antenna is on a 3m mast, which is a piece of galvanised pipe screwed to the fascia board of the second floor extension. This gets it above the roof line so I have coverage in all directions. I can even get aircraft on the ground at YSSY which is about 80 kms away. I have had a couple of spikes out to over 300nms (550 km) since I posted yesterday, possibly due to the wierd weather we have been having with all these afternoon storms.

              It was interesting to see all of the Sydney-Melbourne traffic scattered over the Tasman Sea to avoid the storms.


              • Ah I see. My antenna, like yours, is above the roof line, but not above the tree line.

                The YSSY ground coverage at that distance is impressive. Do you get the ground vehicles as well? I only seem to get them when I switch VRS to the raw feed as opposed to BaseStation, but using the raw feed I also seem to get lots of spurious non-existent hex codes showing up.


                • Are you picking up 7CF7CA, CB, CC and CD?

                  These are radar test hexcodes located in the Sydney area.



                  • I get the CA, CB and CC codes but not the CD one.

                    I only get some ground vehicles, but not consistently.


                    • I'm seeing 7CF7BD, 7CF7BE, 7CF7BF, 7CF7CA, 7CF7CB, 7CF7CC and 7CF7CD at the moment.

                      Are BD, BE and BF radars as well?


                      • The Australian civil aircraft hexcode allocation starts at 7C0000 for VH-AAA up to 7C822D for VH-ZZZ. The Australian military band allocation is flexible but is around 7CF8 plus. From my database I have 7CF830 which is a C130 A97-440 up to 7CF928 which I think is a RAN helicopter N49-049. Because of my location I cannot see YSSY ground so unable to help you with ground vehicles hexcodes. Not picking up any other radar hexcodes other the ones I listed above.

                        If you require the AUS civil hexcode allocation, I have a txt doc listing the regos.




                        • Aircraft registered with Recreational Aviation Australia (ie 24-0000) will show up as Military with Virtual Radar Server. Also RAA has removed the public list of registrations from its site.

                          Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 8.51.01 PM.png

                          This is the range for the past week, though likely be reset when the server is rebooted fix the unstable OS. Thankfully the hail storm the other day didn't damage the antenna but my internet connection has been playing up with the humid weather.
                          Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 8.59.10 PM.png
                          F-YSWG1 and T-YSWG2


                          • Hi everyone,
                            I have the displeasure of announcing that F-YDKI1 (Innisfail, Nth QLD) is off the air
                            The antenna tower here took a direct lightning strike in our first storm of the season here on Saturday evening (06/12/2014).
                            The receiver, it's power supply, a network hub and a wifi adaptor, the antenna and 15 metres of LMR400 are all toast.
                            It's a mess!
                            (My beautiful Elecraft K3 Amateur Radio transceiver (which was not even connected to anything) has also been effected badly and it will shortly be on its way to the USA to hopefully be repaired)
                            A note has been sent to Flightradar24 support via email but I've had no reply save for the automatic one acknowledging my email.
                            Jeff Cochrane - VK4XA
                            East Innisfail, QLD, Australia


                            • Originally posted by VK4XA View Post
                              Hi everyone,
                              (My beautiful Elecraft K3 Amateur Radio transceiver (which was not even connected to anything) has also been effected badly and it will shortly be on its way to the USA to hopefully be repaired).
                              Ouch, sad to hear, as for unconnected equipment, seen that before, strike hit about 40 metres away, the charge was so great I had arcing on the antenna an hour later when moving the cable and connector, it also rendered the backup battery power supply (just a beefy marine battery) useless too for a few hours, mains was out (10 hrs) but mid evening, the radios all came to life, the battery decided it would power stuff again all on its own after sleeping for 3 and a bit hrs I then realised how intriguing lightening and its true affects really were.


                              • Sounds like some nasty storms up your way, going by the ABC.

                                Have had equipment fried before. TV, which wasn't connected to the mains but forgot to unplug the antenna and Oven (antenna cable ran near the but separated by an asbestos sheet wall) were taken out by a very close strike (20 metres away) but my Automatic Weather Station took the direct hit.
                                F-YSWG1 and T-YSWG2