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Linux feeder software for Flightradar24 (Old software)

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  • thowe
    Thanks! Actually I wrote the script with your strategy in mind: killing everything and start everything new. Currently my script runs every 10 minutes:

    crontab -e:
    */10 * * * * /home/pi/adsb/
    Unfortunately it seems that the receiver-stick, adsbox or the serial communication between the two hangs very frequently under traffic load. With the antenna placed on the outside, receiving quite a lot of emissions, the system sometimes runs for 5 seconds only, sometimes for a few minutes.

    Does anybody know what the following init sequence does configure on the stick?
    echo '#43.02' > /dev/ttyACM0
    I'm still hoping to get the system more stable soon: If it is running, several of my planes appear on fr24. And I like that.

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  • peterhr
    My setup is similar except I'm using the RTL tuner stick.

    I noticed it had stopped working after a while - which I put down to the dump1090 program hanging.

    I set up services to run a script and a separate script 'fr24' to run fr24feed_arm-le_225s

    all i did was create a cron job
    0 * * * * sudo service restart
    1 * * * * sudu service fr24 restart

    on every hour at minute 0 restart dump1090
    at 1 minute past the hour restart FR24

    FR24 does seem to carry on working if dump1090 has been restarted, but just in case it did get a little upset I restarted that too.

    your single script could be run from a cron job too - just remember to enter the full path to the script as the thing the cron runs.

    oh. the services are set to start as the PI is started.

    Next job is to make a co-linear antenna from some co-ax cable as specified here (presently I have a dipole made by splitting the about 10cm core out of a length of coax, as per the cork antenna - that's giving me about 200km radius)
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  • thowe
    adsbox stopping after some time

    Hello FR24-Feeders

    I have the following installation which is basically working, but is stopping after some random time (see below for problem):


    MicroADSB-Stick --> Raspberry Pi (New B Model 512MB RAM) --> USB WLAN Dongle
    iPad2 Power Plug


    adsbox --> fr24feed_arm-le_225s

    My start Script:
    # stop/start decoder
    echo Stop/start adsbox...
    killall -v adsbox
    cd /home/pi/adsb/adsbox
    ./adsbox --daemon --baud $BAUD --serial /dev/ttyACM0 --lat XX.XXXX --lon Y.Y --seed --seed-port 30004
    echo adsbox started
    echo ----
    # wait and let decoder start
    sleep 1
    # stop/start feeder
    echo Stop/start feeder...
    killall -v $FR24FEEDER
    cd /home/pi/adsb
    export FR24AUTHIP=
    #./$FR24FEEDER --fr24key=$FR24KEY > /dev/null &
    echo feeder started
    As I wrote, basically everything works. But only for some time. And as opposed to others, who are seeing the fr24 feeder script stopping, I see the adsbox decoder stopping. Sometimes after a few seconds, sometimes after 3 hours.

    I can check the status of adsbox at port 8080 where I can monitor its flight table being updated - until it stops.
    Or at port 30003, where the decoded message are sent - until it stops.

    I am not sure, but it could be the serial usb interface between the stick and the raspberry pi. I have the feeling, that it stops earlier, if I am using a higher baudrates. And I have the feeling, that it stops earlier if there is more traffic. If I am using 576000 baud and the antenna is in my room (with reduced packet reception), it seems to run a bit longer than with the antenna placed on the outside.

    Does anybody have an idea what this could be?
    • Overload of the serial communication the the Pi?
    • Missconfiguration of the serial communication?
    • Should I send an init string to the stick in order to filter the packets?
    • Hardware fault?
    • Power stability problem? (I have tried several recommended power plugs without any change)

    Thanks & have a nice weekend!

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  • Skyscraper
    Thank you!
    This version works great without any messages like:
    [e]Data feed time difference too big abs( - )=33015

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  • Zorba
    Originally posted by zend View Post
    roofer, where i can find them?

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