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Linux feeder software for Flightradar24 (Old software)

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  • Does this feeder support mlat?


    • Only the Flightradar24 receivers support FR24 MLAT.


      • The radarcape is identical to the FR24 receiver. It is exactly the same hardware.
        The difference is the software.
        It does not support automatic upload to FR24 or MLAT.
        I just managed now the automatic upload.
        It seems to work more stable with the dynamically linked version of the sharing SW.
        The ping problems stay, but seems to be recovered by the dynamically linked version.
        Ping tests show a loss of answers of 9% from the FR24 server.

        It would be great, to install the original FR24 software on the radarcape to participate at the MLAT network.


        • It would be VERY interesting to know how the radarcape competes against the FR24 receiver version in terms getting aircraft plotted on the main FR24 map when both are servicing the same map area.


          • @peterhr
            The sharing software shows an upload of abt. 60..80 aircrafts every 5 seconds.
            The planes plotted on the fr24 map vary from 0..5.
            So, it seems the fr24 boxes "win" against the radarcape, as you would describe it.
            Bot, to be honest, we are not in a competition, but we try in a community to cover the all airplanes as complete as possible.
            For me, it is nice, to cover the gap of the approach and the ground traffic around EDDN.
            Of course, it would be more satisfying, to get the FR24 software for the radarcape, to add an additional MLAT-station to the MLAT network.
            It would be nice to see, for example, low flying SAR helicopters, light aircrafts...

            don't compete but contribute

            netbees, T-EDDN1


            • Agreed, it's not a competition
              - we're told that the F boxes win because they have faster decoders, testing against a non-F box with the same hardware is just interesting.


              • It is possible to compile this feed software for Mac OS X?


                • Hello Mike,

                  Is it possible for you to compile fr24feed for this OpenWRT (NSLU2 box):

                  root@OpenWrt:/opt/home/jmr/fr24feed# uname -a
                  Linux OpenWrt #5 Wed Dec 21 05:58:17 CET 2011 armv5teb GNU/Linux

                  The arm-le_233 version gives le following result :

                  root@OpenWrt:/opt/home/jmr/fr24feed# ./fr24feed_arm-le_233
                  ./fr24feed_arm-le_233: line 1: syntax error: unexpected word (expecting ")")

                  I've already crosscompiled dump1090 for that box, so i can try by myself, and make it available if it works !
                  And if you gives me the necessary elements.....

                  jmry, T-LFMH1
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                  • There will soon be a new release 235 and then I can compile it for both OSX and OpenWrt.


                    • is there any argument that can suppress "info" output?

                      i run nohup ./fr24feed_x86_233 --fr24key=xxx&
                      too much output like
                      "[i]sent 11 planes in 1 packets"
                      in nohup.out file


                      • I will add quiet mode and timestamps in the next build, meanwhile just use "| grep -v sent > file.log"


                        • Originally posted by piopawlu View Post
                          I will add quiet mode and timestamps in the next build, meanwhile just use "| grep -v sent > file.log"
                          thank you

                          i fix it by using "|awk -W interactive '$0 !~ /planes in / {"date" | getline x; print "["x"]",$0}' >> output.log"


                          • send the output to the null device by adding
                            > /dev/null
                            to the end of the line. The null device has an infinite capacity to absorb data and will never give anything back ... just an end of file.
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                            • For some reason, my Pi is stopping abruptly for no good reason at all. Manually running the start-up script usually gets it going immediately again.
                              Thinking at this point just maybe do an hourly restart to make sure it keeps on going.

                              What is wrong with my crontab? Any ideas or suggestions perhaps?

                              0 * * * * sudo service restart
                              1 * * * * sudu service fr24 restart
                              @reboot sleep 5;/home/pi/
                              2 */4 * * * /home/pi/


                              • Hi Herman,

                                Its a bit mixed up.

                                you need to decide if you are going to run dump1090 and FR24 as a services, or as a user mode app

                                Line 1 says restart dump1090 every hour at zero minutes ... you need to check what logon account this runs as (the script will probably be in /etc/init.d/)
                                Line 2 says restart fr24 every hour at 1 minute ... you need to check what logon account this runs as (the script will probably be in /etc/init.d/)
                                Line 3 says on reboot sleep 5; then run (my) script as the pi user (this will attempt to stop then restart dump1090 and
                                line 4 says at 2 minutes past every hour number exactly dividable by 4 restart dump1090 &

                                in addition the services would probably be autostarted as the system boots (do "chkconfig --list servicename to find what run levels it starts on, runlevel 3 is character mode multiuser, 5 gui multiuser)

                                My preference would be to remove the services and just use the script. but if you're really stuck - it might be simpler to get another SD card (4Gb or more) and start again, following the instructions on the first page of thread

                                Try disabling the services 'chkconfig servicename off' - to stop them autostarting, and disabling them in crontab by putting a # before lines 1 & 2

                                once that is done and rebooted
                                ps aux | grep dump1090 | grep -v dump1090

                                to see if dump1090 is running

                                do the same for fr24feed to see if that's running

                                also do
                                df -h
                                to see if the SDcard is full

                                Other than that, please post the file