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FR24feed software (Old software)

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  • overbk

    If you are uploading Data from a Reciever,... Then send an Email to Support..(Free)

    Otherwise,.. Apply through the sign in button On the map..
    (F-EDLE1)delcomp-DEL-David Tks(My friend Mike, all three of them)

    1090SJ(Ae) /(6m. Ecoflex10) / SBS 3 /-FR24 Box/ Power-line Connection (Ethernet)


    • More and more often I see radar RX-RC6 for planes at positions where my radar (T-EHEH14) used to be the dominant feeder for ground traffic. Can it be that RX-RC6 is actually my feeder?


      • Can't feed anymore. I get:

        [i]FR24Feed v242 - built on Aug 15 2014/08:32:38
        [i]Downloading configuration...ERROR


        • Harrie45.

          I would suggest you contact the Support,. at "".
          There may possibly be able to help you.

          And probably more quicker than on here
          (F-EDLE1)delcomp-DEL-David Tks(My friend Mike, all three of them)

          1090SJ(Ae) /(6m. Ecoflex10) / SBS 3 /-FR24 Box/ Power-line Connection (Ethernet)


          • Mac

            Do we have feeder software for mac yet?

            SBS-3 + OSX

            Think there is base station for mac.

            Also what about direct feeding from sbs3 without pc, think flight aware you can


            • Problems with RTL1090 and FR24 feeder

              I just installed FR24 Feeder and have a problem.
              If I start the feeder it connects to the Network OK.

              Then I start RTL1090 and it connects to the feeder, at least it says Basestation OK.
              Then after a couple seconds when RTL109 starts to send AC, for example 3-5 of them,
              the Connection to the network is lost.

              The feeder tries to reconnect but it fails.

              As son as I terminate TRL1090 the feeder connects again.

              I have been running RTL 1090 stand alone for qiute a while and it have been working fine.

              Any suggestions?
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              • First reboot the comp.
                -start rtl1090
                -start fr24 sw
                For official support use Contact Form


                • Already tried that and it dosen't work. I'm trying on another computer at the moment.


                  • Now installed on Another computer and it works all fine now


                    • Sounds like a conflict accessing the USB stick (the new feeder SW is able to access direct) or server port setup issues causing conflict.

                      I'll also move this to a more appropriate area as it is NOT SBS hadware
                      Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


                      • Hi everyone,

                        I am a few days old feeder and just today my "Network" is reading "ERROR" and Info: "Could not connect!" The Basestation is OK and reciving aircraft. Has anybody else been having issues today? Locally I checked the router and made sure the constant drip of data hadn't landed the IP in some sort of spam list; it was clean. The next step I guess is to contact my ISP and make sure they didn't block the outgoing IP, but I wanted to check here first just in-case others were having issues...
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                        • I have been having trouble with Windows feed today. Local server seems to be OK when connecting to feed with Virtual Radar, but connection to network is infrequent or non-existent.


                          • Hi,

                            I'm having the same issue with windows feed since yesterday.

                            Network: connecting to / ERROR
                            Info: Could not connect!


                            • Same here. Sometimes it gets a connection for a few seconds but then disconnected immediately.
                              T-EDDM 2
                              2 x Raspberry Pi with dump 1090 and Linux Feeder Software


                              • same here. Stats are connected but no data delivered to FR24. Wonder why they don't notice that there are no more T-Feeders online...