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  • FR24feed software (Old software)


    This software has been removed and is not supported as feeding software any more!

    Our preferred way of sharing data is to use our own feeding application. Whether you are using Basestation, Airnav RadarBox, ADSBScope or anything else does not matter as long as it is providing so called "TCP30003" compatible data stream. We even have a version for Linux x86/ARM and we can build it for any other UNIX family operating system when required!

    For our Windows users we have added a self-registration wizard that lets you share data with us in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is download the latest build of FR24feed sharing software, click the "Sign Up" button and follow the on screen instructions.

    You can find more information about the software and sharing options here:
    You can download the latest version of the FR24feed software and get you private sharing key here:

    Please note that the sharing key is your unique identification with Flightradar24, so there is no need to change/update/replace the key when software updates, if you change computer or if you have problems with upload. The sharing key does not have a timeout or expiration date.

    If you have lost your sharing key and need to get a copy, please contact
    If you already have one sharing key and need another one (second receiver), please contact
    If you move your receiver, you can keep your current sharing key, but we need to update your location in database. Please send an e-mail to with your current sharing key or ICAO-code + new location lon/lat and airport ICAO-code.

    Common questions:

    Why is my feeding ID never shown on FR24 map?

    Please read our explanation how feeding software works and how we choose which data to show:
    This is an updated explanation how the feeding software works:
    Please read our statement about data quality and data priority:

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    I have nothing to do with the software itself, but have been using it for some time. So here are ome points to note for those now joining us on the Beta network..

    Do not run ModeS.exe AND fr24feed.exe at the same time. This causes all sorts of bad data

    As long as you are on Beta8+ radar will now show T-<radarcode> instead of TEST

    App can run from any location on hard drive, as long as it is on the same machine providing the port 30003 data. I was told later versions will allow you to specify the data server

    The app indicators are explained:


    This raises a point.. I get that error status now and then. Does anyone have an idea on the cause of it?
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      We have fixed some issues in the software, so we recommend all feeders to update to latest version.
      Latest version is always available from
      You can also click on the logo in the FR24feed software to get the latest update.
      Remember that you have to quit the old version, before running the new version.
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        If it ain't broke, don't fix it...

        What's the benefit of switching?
        Radarstation KGVL


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          It's a completely rewritten code.

          * It should pick up a bit more data.
          * All data is tagged with time stamp when it was received (was tagged on uploaded before), so we can make a better selection of what data is most up to date.
          * There is possibility to configure what should be uploaded and not (ModeS data/ground traffic).
          * Possibility to select upload interval below 10 seconds.
          * Possibility to block data that is out of coverage for the receiver (the aircraft that jumps all around the world, and that is why we need the position of the feeder).
          * Many, many other small fixes.


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            Originally posted by Mike View Post
            It's a completely rewritten code.
            * Possibility to select upload interval below 10 seconds.
            Happy to shorten my upload interval - how do we do this?


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              Originally posted by Kemistry View Post
              Happy to shorten my upload interval - how do we do this?
              We can control all parameters from server, per feeder. Today all feeders have 5 sec as default interval. We will make some test if it's possible to lower that value further.


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                Are there plans to make new feeder software available for other platforms than windows like Linux,Mac OSX, preferably commandline version for linux?


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                  Originally posted by traincz View Post
                  Are there plans to make new feeder software available for other platforms than windows like Linux,Mac OSX, preferably commandline version for linux?
                  Yes, should be available in May/June. Please send an e-mail to to report your interest.


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                    hello mike i had sent couple of email to get the share key for new soft still didnt get any answer


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                      Okay I got my sharkey but! It shows me as T-UUEE1 instead my previous UUEE4. I prefer old and short name. What does "T" mean?Then, old soft had log window with bytes sent shown, etc. It was eliminated? There are no settings that I can change in my program, thats a pity too.


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                        All feeders with the new software get the T- code. The data is uploaded to a different database that is not directly connected to the old database, so the codes are completely new. All settings and statistics are available server side and later in May there will be a control panel where feeders can log in to view all details.


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                          A new version of the software is available (BETA 16).

                          Recent changes:

                          - Detecting incorrect decimal point symbol for users running adsbScope
                          - Added TX data loss information
                          - Fixed mixed IDs bug, please report if it happens again
                          - Dropping bogus aircraft locally rather than at the server
                          - Added self-update for optional-updates

                          This update should be installed by all users running adsbScope, as adsbScope in some cases is using incorrect decimal point symbol, and this version can detect that.


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                            Hi All,

                            Anyone else getting the same error as below? Have been running the software fothe first time today for about 2 hours and then it started giving me the errors.
                            Attached Files


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                              Yes, I have seen a couple of those errors over the last few days and I have also had FR24 stop uploading, as if I pressed the "Stop" button.
                              In the Location Manager in BaseStation I did have a comma in the location name, so I have changed that for a - to see if that was the issue. Since then I haven't had another problem but it's only been about 8 hours since I made the change so it's a bit early to say it's fixed.