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/var/log partition full

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  • /var/log partition full

    I have a RPi4 running ARM64 Bullseye. I was updating my RPi when I noticed a message about unable to write to the log directory. My /var/log partition is 50MB and when I check the directory, within the directory the file daemon.log is over 20MB and the syslog is over 13MB. So, no wonder I've run out of space. I deleted a couple of the log files but within a day or two the directory was full again.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue? If so, what did you change to prevent the out of disk space issue?

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    Find out what you have crashing and filling the log files for a start.

    Then ensure rotate is on.

    How To Clear System Log Files In Raspberry Pi using manual commands, logrotate to save the disk space in embedded system built using Pi board.
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