I have noticed that the last few months little interruptions of network or availability of the feeder cause an exaggerated downtime on the feeder statistics.
For example, I use the pi for many other things than just feeding. While its CPU use never goes above 30%, the adsb decoding is only 1% of it.
When I reboot the pi it is back online within 1 minute. This used to be no problem for statistics, which kept 100% uptime.
However, when rebooting the pi now, it gives me at least 15-20 minutes downtime in the statistics. We have had a power outage for 5 minutes and a network interruption last month for about the same time, both gave me almost 30 minutes downtime extra. When logging in to FR24 and going to statistics, it clearly states that the feeder is uploading data and is online, but the graph only starts drawing after a while.

It seems like a new kind of filter is implemented, but why?

Best regards

(Running 1.0.29-10 on pi 3b+ with x64 os).